Google hosts this website and provides access to G Suite to the PTA for free, because we are a registered 501c3 charity that has an educational focus.

We have our own forums hosted on Google Groups at

The Google platform uses a login for access, so we can know that only Barrett families and staff are accessing our forums. Although it may seem necessary to use a Google login, you can actually use any email address when setting up you account. Here are directions for setting up an account.

If you really don't want to setup a Google account, even one using your personal email address, it is possible to access the forums purely through email. We just may need to add your email address to the necessary groups first. Please contact the webmaster or your room parent to arrange the access.

Join Room Parents group

Become a room parent and keep the parents in your child's class. You will be the main conduit communicating with the classroom teach and other parent in your child's class.

Join Classroom group

Join the classroom group to communicate with the other parents in your child's class and with the class room parent. This is the best way to stay informed and communicate with the class.