Committees run different events and programs for the PTA. You can contact a the committee directly if you need assistance or want to help. Please contact Melanie Jones if you can fill an open position.


This committee encourages families and staff to join the PTA. This improves communications and helps the PTA keep our non-profit status as members of the Virginia PTA and National PTA.

    • Aleda Kaufman (2018-19)
    • OPEN

The website and mailing list allows the PTA to stay in communication with the PTA membership.

    • Dan Wendell (2018-19)
    • Janice Oday (2018-19)

The Barret E-Newsletter is a blog that keeps families up to date with happening at Barrett Elementary.

    • Magan Sherzai (2018-19)

The PTA keeps an up to date presence on Twitter and Facebook.

    • Natalie Roisman (2018-19)
    • Roxanda Ordonez (2018-19)

The Arlington Forester is a newsletter distibuted to families in Arlington Forest. Since Barrett is part of the community, we send updates to the Forester that they can send out to the community.

    • Natalie Roisman (2018-19)

Room Parents are key to keeping open communications between Barrett teachers and families.

    • Jessica Donze Black (2018-19)
    • Melanie Jones (2018-19)

Barrett Gives is a program that helps connect Barrett families to others that are in need.

    • Lisa Simmons (2018-19)

    • Jessica Donze Black (2018-19)


The store in the school lobby is a way for kids to get materials that they may need for school such as notebooks, headphones, agendas, and pencils.

    • Laura Smialowicz (2018-19)

Edukit is a program that allows families to buy all the school supplies they need before school starts and have them delivered directly to the classroom. A portion of each sale goes to the PTA.

    • Lauren Kent (2018-19)

The PTA helps arrange for student and class pictures to be taken each year.

    • Kristen Hope (2018-19)

The PTA helps design, print and distribute the school yearbook each year.

    • Brian Hobbs (2018-19)


The ICS is a fun social event that kicks off the school year and allows Barrett families to get to know each other.

    • Melanie Jones (2018-19)
    • Omar Sherzai (2018-19)

Bingo Night is a social event that allows families to get together have some fun. It also raises lots of money for the PTA.

    • Friday Volunteers

The dance party, often held close to Valentine's Day, motivates kids to get out and dance. Each class learns a signature dance shows it off on the dance floor.

    • Friday Volunteers


The PTA sponsors a breakfast for the teachers to welcome them back the week before kids report to school.

    • Dan Wendell (2018-19)

The PTA provides lunches for the teachers one day during parent teacher conference times. This is a thank you for the teachers on yet another busy day.

    • OPEN

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time when PTAs and families all over the country show love for our wonderful teachers. One lunch during this week is just another way we show support.

    • Friday Volunteers


The Book Fair is an event held early in the school year. The PTA sells books during and after school. A portion of the proceeds of the book sale goes to the PTA.

    • Bryna Stewart (2018-19)
    • Holly Nisco (2018-19)

This program urges people to link their customer number from Harris Teeter and Giant to Barrett Elementary. A protion of each purchase by customers linked to Barrett will then be provided to the PTA.

    • Andrea Shaw (2018-19)

The PTA works with local restaurants. The restaurants have special nights where they will provide a protion of each purchase as a donation to the PTA.

    • Suzette McGrann (2018-19)
    • OPEN

This is a program that takes art completed by the students and uses it to decorate various items. The items can then pe purchased and a portion of each sale goes to the PTA.

    • OPEN

This committee urges families to bring in box tops from various products. These box tops are redeemed in the Box Tops for Education program to raise funds for the PTA.

    • Janice Oday (2018-19)

This committee runs events that raise money or increase the community involvement at Barrett.

    • Will Le (2018-19)
    • Michelle Major (2018-19)
    • Mirna Smith (2018-19)
    • Patrick Shaw (2018-19)
    • Derek Nisco (2018-19)


Enrichment offers after school programs that expose kids to new topics, skills, areas of interest and other information and training that they will need expand their horizons. The PTA works with Enrichment Matters for these programs.

    • Ali Turner (2018-19)

Reflections is a National PTA arts program that encourages students to explore thoughts about the topic of the year.

    • OPEN
    • Joan Green (2018-19)

This is an committee that works to congratulate 5th grade students on their achievement and also thank their parents for being part of our community.

    • Nikki Callendar (2018-19)


This committee concentrates on keeping our school looking good by working on the courtyard, peace garden and vegetable garden at the school.

    • Jillian Green (2018-19)
    • Jeanne Hargett (2018-19)


The PTA encourages students to take part in these International events and get some exercise.

    • Melanie Jones (2018-19)
    • Derek Nisco (2018-19)

A fun skating event that often takes place on Veteran's Day when kids are off from school.

    • Kristen Hope (2018-19)
    • Will Le (2018-19)

The PTA encourages kids and families to get up, move and have fun and this fun social event.

    • Kelly Polsinelli (2018-19)
    • Jim Scott Polsinelli (2018-19)

This is a great social event where the fifth grade students that are approaching promotion can have a friendly battle with the staff that has supported them for many years.

    • Laurie Lenz (2018-19)
    • Arturo Ramirez (2018-19)